One of the things I enjoy doing is communicating the truths of God’s Word to others in ways that they can embrace in a practical way. Whether it is speaking, teaching, writing, or counseling, I love to interact with people and help them to grow. I get to serve at an incredible church called Saddleback Church and have had the privilege to speak to MOPS groups, Men’s Retreats, Marriage Classes & Retreats, and Conferences and Seminars. In each of these places I have met some of the most incredible people who God is working through and it has been a blast to interact and be with them. To get a feel for things I have spoken about, take a look at the Marriage Questions and Talks & Articles sections (coming soon) below. As the former Couples Pastor at Saddleback Church most of my talks have centered on Marriage and Relationships which I believe are vital aspects of discipleship, but I have also taught on other aspects of Spiritual Growth as well. You can also see some of the things I have written both in the Married Life Pathway and Talks and Articles (coming soon) sections. I love to connect with pastors and churches and am always open to consult or speak at events. If you would like to connect with me feel free to shoot me an email.

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