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I love technology and I also love to teach others the things I have learned along the way. Apple is currently my tech of choice. I have used Apple computers for years including the Apple II we had when I was a kid. I still remember doing most of my high school work on the original Macintosh which my dad actually brought back and forth from work as his first "portable" computer. So beyond a brief stint using Windows, I have done most of my work on a Mac of some kind. You can check out my YouTube Channel and take a look in the links below. If you would like to learn how to use some of your Mac Software, take a look at the tutorials I have listed in the tabs below. Feel free to share your own insights or ask questions by emailing me or leaving a comment on my YouTube Channel.

Consulting & Set Ups

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Are you struggling with your server set up? Need help with either answering some questions specific to your set up? Or would you like me to set up your server for you? If you find the tutorials are not quite working for your particular set up and would like me to set up your server for you, I am available to hire for consulting on your personal set up. I have done set ups for people around the world and can usually do those set ups over Skype and your screen sharing service of choice. If you are interested feel free to send me an email at I’ll do my best to assess your situation and guide you to the best solution.


Below are tutorials I have done for free to help people get the most from their Macs. I have been asked several times for a donate button for my efforts so I thought I would put one here. You don't have to donate anything to use the tutorials so don't feel obligated. I hope these tutorials help you. If you find these tutorials helpful, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, favorite or leave a comment there, or email me to let my know they helped you. I love to hear how these things help others. Enjoy!
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