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Married Life Transitions

While there are basic things any couples needs to learn no matter how long they have been married, there are also unique issues that come up in a marriage as it moves from one stage of development to the next. We call these transitions and there are some predictable transitions that happen to all married couples in each transition that have an effect on their marriage. We use these transitions to educate couples on what changes in their marriages at each transition and to help them connect with other couples in their same transition in an effort to form small groups.
Newly Married
For couples in the first 8 years of marriage, this transition class covers the challenges of leaving one's parents, forming a new identity and traditions, dealing with issues of expectations, and sex.
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New Parent
Life with a new baby brings plenty of challenges not only to the couple as they transition to being parents but also to their marriage. Without a good understanding of how both partners feel about the changes, conflict between the couple can happen. This transition class helps the couple to understand the unique changes a husband and wife go through with a new baby.
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Parent of Grade School Kids
Life with kids can be quite a challenge for any couple especially now that the kids have their own schedules and are staring the road to independence. This transitions class covers helping the couple grow a marriage and family that models for their kids what healthy relationships are all about.
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