Mac Software

My Favorite Mac Apps
Things Part 1

Things Part 2

Fantastical Part 1

Fantastical Part 2

Spark for Mac


Ulysses for Mac

Yoink 3





iStat Menus 5

Launchbar 6 vs. Alfred 2

Transmit iOS

Plotagraph+ Photo Animator

Transmit 5

Forklift 3

Pathfinder 7

Hazel Part 1

Hazel Part 2


iMazing 2

PLEX Part 1: Media Preparation & Install

PLEX Part 2: Adding Your Media

PLEX Part 3: Working with Metadata

PLEX Part 4: Sharing Features

PLEX Part 5: Accessing Your Media Remotely

PLEX Part 6: PLEX Pass-Music Features

PLEX Part 7: PLEX Pass-Sync Features

PLEX Part 8: PLEX Pass-Home & Parental Controls
iTunes Match
iTunes Match Part 1 - Set Up

iTunes Match Part 2 - Understanding Your Match Results

iTunes Match Part 3 - Upgrading Your Music

iTunes Match Part 4 - Troubleshooting
Making the Move From Aperture
Moving From Aperture Part 1: Exporter for Aperture

Moving From Aperture Part 2: Import to Lightroom 5

Moving From Aperture Part 3: Aperture vs. Lightroom
MoneyWell 2.0
Moneywell 2.0-Walkthrough Tutorial

Moneywell 2.0-Event Based Budgeting
Other Mac Software
Slink: Remote Computer Management

SuperDuper Backup Multiple Drives to One

Making the Move to iCloud

Reflector: Mirroring Your iOS Devices on Your Mac

Everpix-Part 1: Mac Set Up & Web Interface

Managing Your iCloud Storage

Monitoring Your Server With iStat for iOS

Online Backup with Backblaze