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Married Life Essentials

The same things that grow a healthy church should be present in a healthy marriage. To equip couples with an understanding of what marital health looks like, we have developed five stand alone classes that cover each area in a fun, interactive and safe environment. Each of these classes are outlined below.
All healthy marriages start with a basic understanding of a man's need for respect and a woman's need for security. This is how each hears love from one another. This class covers the dynamics of honor in a marriage.
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Relational Intimacy
A healthy marriage involves connecting with one another through communication, healthy styles of solving conflict, friendship, romance and sex. This class covers how each of these things play out in marriage with strategies for how to relate to one another in healthy ways.
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Spiritual Intimacy
For those who are followers of Jesus Christ, we know that God is to be the in the center of our relationship. Yet spiritual growth in the context of a marriage is usually lacking. In this class we cover how to see your marriage as the best place to grow spiritually along with strategies for implementing prayer, devotional time, & spiritual partnering.
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How we live together can be a source of joy and of great conflict. God has shaped each of us in different ways and those differences are not wrong, just different. In this class we talk about what it means to be in a covenant relationship with your spouse and ways to build on each others strengths.
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Every marriage says something about the gospel whether we are intentional about it or not. When people look at our marriage are they drawn to God or do they see him as irrelevant? In this class we cover what the gospel looks like in a marriage along with ways to practically live those values out in everyday life.
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